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Explore our membership categories

access the opportunity to develop, implement and promote ideas, projects, programmes and activities that will enhance the rapid development of all our members in particular, and the public and academic institutions in general.

Greenhorn Membership

for undergraduate students in any globally recognised tertiary institutions.

Membership fee: 1,000 Naira

Graduate Membership

all individuals who are studying for a masters from any internationally recognised universities.

Membership fee: 2,500

Honorary Membership

specially reserved for lifetimeĀ  for deserving members of the society, worldwide, who have made significant impacts in DH research and scholarship

Associate Membership

all interested doctoral candidate, excluding lecturers, across tertiary institutions in Nigeria and abroad who has unparallel interest in DH research and scholarship.

Membership fee: 3,500 Naira

Professional Membership

any interested academics and non-teaching scholars, independent researchers, and private individuals who are interested in DH scholarhip in this part of the world

Membership fee: 5000 Naira

What we Do

Membership Opportunities are Limitless


Through our multidymisional programmes, our members getĀ  opportunities for mentorship by established scholars in DH field. These include internship, training, summer, etc.


We hold conferences, symposium, summer schools, round-table discussion as well as virtual meetings for the career development of our members and formulate social policies.


Our association provides platforms for joint efforts among members on projects, research, application for grants and trips to relevant places of interest.

What Else?

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Digital Humanities Association in Nigeria