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DH Research and Scholarship in Nigeria and Africa…


the Critical Intellectual, Research and Infrastructural Gaps…


Pathways and Opportunities for DH Practice Home and Abroad…

Our mission

To address critical intellectual, research and infrastructural gaps that existed in the traditional disciplines in the Human Sciences in this part of the Global South in spite of the explosion in digital technologies and computational approaches to studies outside the core sciences.

Concluded Programmes


Int’l Conference

@ University of Lagos

May, 2021

Series II

DH 2.0 Symposium & Virtual Workshop

August, 2020

DH Virtual Roundtable


May 2020

With a view to encouraging efficiency of activities, mentoring from established DH bodies and coherence of programmes,

the Association shall be affiliated to the Association of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO),

and shall cooperate with any other Associations/Societies whose objectives, in the opinion of the Executive Council of the Association, are to the best interest of the Association.

Our Partners

Digital Humanities Association in Nigeria