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DH 2.0 Symposium

DH2.0 Symposium

Digital Humanities & Digital Scholarship: Exploring Opportunities & Possibilities for African Scholars


DATE: WEDNESDAY 27TH 2020          

TIME: 5.30 – 8.00 PM GMT 


5:30 – 5:39 pm Welcome and Introduction – Moderator: Ayodele James Akinola

5.40 – 6.10 pm: Welcome Speech by the Convener, Tunde Ope-Davies: Digital     Humanities & Digital Scholarship: Exploring Opportunities & Possibilities for African Scholars I

6.11 – 5:20 pm: Contributions, questions and answers

6.21 – 5.35 pm: Language, Literature and cultural studies in DH – Ngue Emmanuel

6.36 – 5.49 pm DH 2.0: Interactions via the Breakout Sessions (not to be livestreamed)

6.50 – 7.10 pm: DH tools/programs for textual Analyses – Augustine Farinola

7.11 – 6.30 pm: Potentials of DH in Africa and impacts to the world – James Yeku

7.31 – 7.40 pm: A Chat with Waliya Joseph, winner of Year 2020 Janusz Korczak Prize for Global South

7.41 – 7.46 pm: Membership of Digital Humanities Association of Nigeria – Richard Ajah

7. 47 – 7.45: Questions and Answers

7.46 – 8.00 pm: Announcements and Vote of Thanks


DH and Textual Analysis..

Moderators: Drs Richard Ajah & Emmanuel Ngue

Introduction to DH

Moderators: Augustine Farinola & Leah Junck

DH and Arts & Archives

Moderators: Drs James Yeku & James Ayo-Akinola

DH and Cultural Heritage

Moderators: Felix Oke & De Bruijn Mirjam 

DH and Corpus construction

 Moderator: Prof Ope-Davies

What is this event about?

This programme, jointly organised by the Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Lagos & Digital Humanities Association of Nigeria, is one of the planned (quarterly) activities (virtual symposium, networking, collaborative project conception and execution, workshop, etc) towards the promotion and expansion of DH scholarship and research globally but with particular focus on  Nigeria,  Africa and the Global South.

Our motivation is based on the need to address the critical intellectual, research and infrastructural gaps that existed in the traditional disciplines in the Human Sciences in this part of the Global South in spite of the explosion in digital technologies and computational approaches to studies outside the core sciences. It is a response to the need to raise, develop and equip a critical mass of passionate and committed scholars and researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences that are willing to explore this technology-driven multidisciplinary platform. It is our hope that these modest efforts will help in redefining and reconfiguring the role of DH as a special discipline in Human Sciences.


DH 2.0

Series II

  • DH and COVID-19
  • Practical Sessions
  • Text-mining in DH
  • DH in Social and Human sciences
  • Etc

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